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Meet Rose and David

Local DreamRoot leaders Rose and David are a Haitian couple who carry a vision for education in Haiti. They believe in the capacity of the local Haiti people and have a shared vision for their nation of Haiti to be a restored and prosperous country where its citizens no longer live in abject poverty but have the means and skills to live a life of health and well-being.

In more ways than one, Rose and David have been impacting their community at the grassroots level. They lead several community development and educational initiatives in Les Cayes, Haiti. In addition to running a primary school, summer camps, and tutoring program that employs Haitians from their community, they help women and young adults gain access to small interest free business loans. They use these programs to reach those in their communities to teach life skills and instill a higher vision for their own personal lives and their communities. With a passion for education, Rose and David work tirelessly making quality education accessible and enjoyable; where children not only attend school to learn academies but gain a safe haven from the challenges so many face at home and in the country. They take education from theory to practice, making learning fun and teaching others to do the same. The work to ensure students have access to sports and extracurricular activity to develop not just mentally but physically and emotionally. David is also a coach of their local community soccer team for the children and youth. Throughout the year, David orchestrates a community-wide tournament where various local neighborhoods get together for playoffs. They are also board members of an NGO HaitiansCan where they have been instrumental in facilitating community development projects like installing streetlights and providing access to water directly to the homes of community members. They explain in this video (English translate starting at minute one) that the water tower construction have improved the quality of life for women and children. No longer needing to haul heavy water jugs back and forth from wells to their homes, which are brutal on the body and time consuming, locals will now we free up to use their time in more edifying ways. They have been married for over 12 years and are raising two strong and beautiful children. We are looking forward to continuing this relationship as we come alongside to strengthen and scale their educational and social entrepreneurial training initiatives. Way to go Rose and David!


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