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Haiti Tutoring Program Results: Fostering Academic Excellence

DreamRoot has partnered with local leaders Rose and David Jean in Les Cayes, Haiti to launch a community-based. The program aims to elevate educational opportunities and academic advancement for primary school students at the DreamRoot Resource Center. [For a deeper insight into the program, read more here.]

The tutoring program has showcased remarkable outcomes. Within the first six months, it not only improved the grades of 200+ students but has also elevated the instructional skills of teachers by utilizing the knowledge and skills from tutors in their own community. By collaboratively engaging with these tutors, educators have embraced new skills and instructional strategies, seamlessly incorporating them into their classrooms.

Throughout the year, teachers' training workshops were also held to help the teachers with curriculum planning and classroom management. This comprehensive approach has yielded significant dividends, not only in how teachers impart knowledge but also in how students absorb it. As a result, students have shown commendable progress, ensuring they are well-prepared to advance to the next grade level. It's truly remarkable to note that students who initially entered the program with an average grade score of 4/10 ultimately concluded it with an impressive 8.5/10 average. Such a monumental leap is a testament to the resounding success of this initiative.

As the inaugural year comes to a close, both students and teachers stand tall with newfound confidence. Their collective journey has been one of growth, learning, and achievement. In celebrating this milestone, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all involved for a truly remarkable year of progress and accomplishment.

Looking ahead, we are excited to share that the momentum continues. The school is set to introduce seventh-grade lessons next year, marking a significant milestone as it expands beyond the traditional sixth-grade offerings. This development stands as a symbol of the program's lasting impact and its unwavering commitment to empowering the community through education.

With anticipation, we eagerly await the ongoing growth and transformation that these tutoring programs will undoubtedly bring to both educators and students alike.

Student Testimonial

Meet *Daphney, a sixth grade this year. Now 11 years old, she has attended Rose and David’s school since she was three. Daphney's educational journey has been nothing short of inspiring.

As her family prepared to move from the school district, Daphney courageously took an entrance exam for a prestigious regional school that only accepts the top students of each class. Confident of the schooling she received at her modest school in Les Cayes, she took the exam and placed first —an exceptional feat, particularly for smaller educational institutions.

Daphney's achievement stands as a powerful testament to the exceptional leadership demonstrated by DreamRoot's leaders Rose and David. It also highlights the immense dedication displayed by the academic team towards their students and community. Their relentless commitment, collaborative efforts, and profound vision have set the stage for a transformative impact that will resonate through generations.

The Daphney will be missed at the school, we extend our warmest congratulations to her and wish her every success in her future endeavors.

Working with dedication and excellence. Uncompromising in the vision, remembering their why, building a team, and having the perseverance and character to show up each day to walk it out. The fruits speak for themselves.

This success story encapsulates the essence of dedication and excellence. It underscores the importance of unwavering commitment to a shared vision, the significance of assembling a capable team, and the resilience and character needed to navigate each day with purpose. The tangible outcomes of these efforts speak volumes.

*name has been changed for anonymity.

Measure of Sustainable Impact of Programming

At DreamRoot, we believe in not just helping community programs thrive, but to support them in a way that will set them up for long term success with the hopes of ending cycles of poverty.

Education is a key measure of sustainable impact because it transfers the knowledge and skills and shapes attitudes and values that are vital to a thriving future.

One of the reasons we partner with Rose and David in Haiti, is because they see the potential in their community and people, and they show up to be the change. They truly believe in the power of education and the potential of local community members. We agree, which is why we were thrilled to hear that they are receiving resumes to help with the camp from high-school seniors and young adults in the community that had previously attended the school. This time rather than being students, they lead and teach at the camp, giving back to their community and the next generation.

Rose Testimonial

To close, we wanted to share a note from Rose:

“We are just happy to be able to do what we do. In all honesty, you can’t look at a country like Haiti and not have a heart to do something. Haiti has so many challenges and the people are in such despair. They really don’t see a future. So anywhere you can bring hope and shed light will help, not only to lift spirits, but also to end cycles that have gone on for generations. David and I really take that to heart and take it seriously. It is time consuming and exhausting, and yes, we are tired at the end of each day, but it is all worth it because these kids are going to be the difference. We know that it is essential to invest in them now, so we do not have to have fear about their future. In this region, there are only two roads you can take. So, we are just going to pour into them as much as we can so they know they are loved and there is someone who is looking out for them and people who are rooting for them wanting them to succeed and putting them on the road toward that – hope.
We really appreciate organizations like DreamRoot who believe in what we do and support us the way you all do. We are so grateful for DreamRoot’s partners. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve our country, serve our community and serve our kids.” – Rose


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