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Tour the Haiti Resource Center

In July 2021, the vibrant community of Les Cayes, Haiti witnessed the transformation of a vision into reality as the DreamRoot Resource Center emerged, standing tall on a 4.5-acre primary school campus that serves as a beacon of hope for 200 students and their families. In just six months, the center's construction became a testament to local collaboration and dedication, employing six community members who poured their efforts into making it a reality.

At the heart of this endeavor stand Rose and David, two passionate local leaders who have taken the reins of the resource center's operations alongside the school they also manage. Their commitment to education and community development has ignited a positive ripple effect in this corner of the world.

Shortly after the center's completion, DreamRoot leaders Rose and David organized a "train the trainer" workshop for elementary teachers. This initiative aimed to enrich educators with enhanced classroom management skills and strategies to create effective learning environments. Teachers were empowered to craft engaging weekly programs and support students who might be struggling academically.

The resource center has become more than just a physical space; it's a hub of transformation. It offers students an alternate learning environment, effectively boosting engagement and facilitating enriched learning experiences. The subjects taught within its walls extend beyond textbooks. English classes, expressive reading sessions, and discussions about children's rights form a comprehensive curriculum that nurtures not just academics, but also personal growth and empowerment.

The center has also taken on the role of a knowledge-sharing platform. Workshops and conferences hosted here throughout the year foster community-wide learning and empowerment. Looking ahead, plans are in motion to introduce even more subjects, including music and choir, enriching the lives of students in myriad ways.

For the children of Haiti, school is often a sanctuary—a safe, supportive, and nurturing space that offers a brighter future. David and Rose have embraced this responsibility with unwavering dedication. Their resilience in the face of challenges and their commitment to service exemplify the very essence of leadership.

As the DreamRoot Resource Center leaves its mark on lives in Les Cayes, its impact continues to expand. This center of learning and growth stands as a tribute to the power of education, collaboration, and community. We eagerly await the next chapter of its journey, confident that it will continue to uplift and transform countless lives in its wake.


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