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Bridging Borders Through a Jiu-Jitsu Cross-Cultural Exchange Trip

We finished up another of our annual cross-cultural exchange trips in Recife, Brazil where we hosted 12 U.S. jiu-jitsu practitioners to train and connect with locals and enjoy some fun sightseeing. During the trip, the U.S. participants trained jiu-jitsu at the various social initiatives of local DreamRoot leaders around the city.

Between training sessions, we enjoyed the beautiful beaches, exploring street markets, trying new foods and sharing meals together. Language differences did not prove a barrier to making new friends and expressing unity and appreciation for one another. There were a lot of laughs and some tears as the participants returned home.

The camp participants unanimously voted that one of their high points of the trip was connecting with the community members and seeing the impact the local leaders are having. During each of our visits to the social initiatives the community members expressed how much our time together meant to them. They shared how they felt seen and valued - bringing encouragement and hope to overcome the challenges within the community. This camp was life-giving on all ends. Our time together strengthened both the local leaders and community members but also the US students. Which demonstrates the power of relationships and simply showing up.

Hear from participants in their own words about their experience with the camp HERE.

Checkout highlights from the trip during our visit to the Arte Suave DreamRoot Traning Center:


Children's Day (Dia das Crianças)

On the last day of the camp, we threw a community block party for the families at one of the DreamRoot Training Centers to celebrate “Dia das Crianças,” or Children’s Day. The evening was filled with games, snacks, and a message of encouragement. Everyone had a blast! Highlights included a cotton candy machine, trampoline, and a guest appearance of a life-sized dinosaur.

Each child was able to take home a toy. For several of the children, it was their first time receiving a new toy to call their own. Though, the sentiment of the families was that simply our presence and connection was the most impactful.

Uniforms Donation

Each U.S. participants of the Brazil Camp brought with them an extra suitcase filled with DreamRoot donations that were received throughout the year from generous donors.

We were able to provide over 76 Jiu Jitsu uniforms, 10 belts, additional clothing items and Lego toy sets. These items have been distributed to students in need across Jiu Jitsu social initiatives in the Northeast of


These donations are truly life changing. It not only means students have the opportunity to fully participate in enriching extracurricular activities, but for many, these uniforms, clothes and toys are the FIRST articles they have ever received as their own. This instills dignity and sense of self-esteem that they will carry with them for the rest of their life.

Thank you to all who have contributed and helped with the transportation to make this a reality.

Read the impact of a uniform HERE

DreamRoot jiu jitsu uniforms

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