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Youth & Education

Education is foundational to human flourishing.


Education is the foundation for reaching other development goals, including entrepreneurship and community capacity-building. Put simply, education is among the best development investments we can make and is crucial to advancing society. 


Education is key to reducing poverty and sustained growth. It contributes to healthier and more successful people and families, creates markets, and directly influences national and international economies. It is good for the world to have more educated people, particularly at the primary and secondary education levels. 

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Educational Disparities in Marginalized Communities


In underserved and under-resourced communities and countries, marginalized people often find themselves excluded from programs aimed at raising education levels. They tend to have lower graduation and literacy rates. And insufficient funding is allocated to public primary education due to domestic governments in poor and middle-income countries being unable or do not allocate sufficient funding and a small percentage of external assistance going toward educational programs. 


Exacerbating these issues, children and youth in underserved communities and poorer school districts are too often not learning what they need to learn in school, and caught in situations that are not conducive to learning. Physical resources are limited, insufficient educators, children come to school hungry and do not have resources at home to help with school, some aren’t even able to attend school regularly to work and help with family income.

DreamRoot prioritizes youth & education

DreamRoot addresses barriers to access to education and promotes quality programming by working with local leaders to launch, strengthen and expand educational programming to underprivileged students. Through a network of educators, seed investment, and knowledge sharing and resources for improved programming, we are: 

Advancing access to quality education 
Offering continued educational and vocational training
Engaging and empowering youth
Enhancing learning through extra-curricular programming

To-date, DreamRoot’s continued youth and education efforts include:

  • Launching tutoring programs that improve student learning

  • Providing scholarship funds to eliminate barriers to education

  • Investing in schools for the wellbeing of students 

  • Introducing technology into classrooms so students gain relevant and competitive skills

  • Coordinating and sponsoring community career fairs and educational workshops that cast vision and empower youth

  • Offering vocational training for a continual growth path

  • Advocating for improved student-centered facilitation and teacher training and support

Impact Stories



Youth & Education Impact

Explore more of DreamRoot’s impact and success stories in championing youth and education. 

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