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Impact on Equity and Inclusion

For individuals raised in underserved communities, navigating life's challenges can be an uphill struggle. Our objective is to level the playing field by offering them a fair chance at success.


In collaborations with local leaders, DreamRoot is creating pathways for educational and extra-curricular programming, training, coaching, seed investment, and connections to wider networks to reach these communities. This unlocks opportunities for those who have been overlooked and marginalized in our society.

These leaders and community members are empowered to actively engage in, manage, nurture, and expand life-altering programs that were once unimaginable.


Community Member Testimonial


Before entering the jiu jitsu initiative, I was in depression and using drugs because my mom had been assassinated by drug traffickers. I came to the program to get something to eat but found so much more. 

- Lucas, Arte Suave student


Advancing gender equality 

Local leader programming and DreamRoot Training Centers are seeing a rise in girls and women participating in sports and educational programming, historically filled with male participants.


Through the encouragement of not just female participation but also women leading in programming, including jiu jitsu, self-defense classes, and educational events, women are being empowered to have their voices heard in the development of the community.

Equity and Inclusion in Action

Our approach is centered on universal participation and benefit, irrespective of backgrounds. We create welcoming spaces that uplift people from diverse walks of life, profoundly impacting individuals' lives and shaping families, neighborhoods, and entire communities.

Impact from our inclusive programming include:

  • Youth Empowerment: Program participation and mentorship, leading to sense of belonging, and reduced exposure to negative influences and thus reduced juvenile detention rates, decreased involvement in drug trafficking, and higher school graduation rates.

  • Supporting Impoverished Students: Comprehensive support including tutoring, summer camps, mentoring, and extra-curricular activities is enhancing academic performance, boosting self-esteem and skills development among students living in material poverty.

  • Community-Centric Approach: Locating programming within communities fosters increased student involvement, while also engaging parents and family members, thereby strengthening family bonds.

  • Mindset Evolution: A remarkable shift in attitudes is occurring, accompanied by the dismantling of stereotypes. This shift is forging connections across diverse backgrounds, promoting unity and collaboration.

  • Enhanced Community Dynamics: Heightened community engagement and collaboration are fostering more peaceful and cohesive communities.

  • Women and Girls Thriving: Women and girls not only participate but also take leadership roles in sports programs, becoming inspiring role models. This challenges stereotypes, boosting confidence and respect, while eliminating barriers to participation in wider areas.

  • Inclusive Opportunities: Individuals with physical and mental limitations are accommodated whenever possible, ensuring their active participation and enrichment.

Impact Highlights



Why Equity and Inclusion?

Check out why DreamRoot prioritizes equity and inclusion as a core focus.

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