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Women's Entrepreneurial Fellowship 

Women's Innovation Hub:
Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program


Welcome to DreamRoot's Women's Innovation Hub, an Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program designed for emerging female leaders from across Brazil.


The fellowship is a competitive program that guides participants through a 10-week intensive training and mentorship program. The goal is to help women transform their early-stage, mission-oriented, sustainable business ideas from conception to launch. Participants will learn the essentials of developing and managing a successful enterprise while also enhancing their leadership capabilities through tailored coaching and mentorship.

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Program Features

Key activities include: 


Comprehensive Training

Participants will gain a solid foundation in entrepreneurship, including business planning, financial management, marketing strategies, and sustainable practices.


Seed Investment

Graduates who successfully complete the program will be eligible for seed investment to help launch their businesses.


Summit Celebration

At the conclusion of the program, participants attend an in-person closing celebration. This event offers an opportunity to connect and network with peers and business leaders as they embark on launching and scaling their businesses.


Leadership Development

Coaching and mentorship that focuses on building personal leadership capacity, empowering women to become influential leaders within their communities.


Networking Opportunities

The program includes extensive networking with peers and professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries, both regionally and internationally.


Alumni Support

Access to our private online networking platform, learning management system, resource library, member events, and continuous learning opportunities ensures that support does not end with the program.

Why This Program?

The Women's Innovation Hub was created in response to the expressed needs of women in our training and development programs and the broader communities we serve. Many women face economic limitations, making entrepreneurship a promising path to self-sufficiency and community enrichment. This program acts as a bridge, connecting women with the larger social and economic ecosystem.

The program is unique in that participants of the program gain high-touch training and support that is tailored to their specific circumstances of working within developing markets and underserved communities. It is made accessible to marginalized by meeting the participant where they are and working with this to achieve their higher vision and fuller potential as change makers and development catalysts. 


DreamRoot Training Centers serve as incubators for budding entrepreneurs and young companies, providing them with workspace and client opportunities within their own communities.

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Apply to Join the Next Cohort

Applications are open December 15 - January 15.

More information available September 1st.

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