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Equity and Inclusion

As one rises, we all rise.

Inequality has significant negative implications for socio-economic development, not least of which is that it limits the brilliance individuals can contribute to society, hampering growth, eroding social cohesion, and aggravating poverty and violence. 

Equity and inclusion contribute to a society where everyone has equal access to opportunities and is valued for their unique contributions, which is essential for promoting social justice and building thriving, diverse communities.

Our mission is to help individuals and communities develop and thrive. It goes beyond teaching people to fish; it's about providing access to the pond.

The world is not a zero-sum game.
Enabling collective growth and rising together.

Inclusive systems for collective impact.

DreamRoot engages local leaders from underserved communities in development initiatives that prioritize inclusive growth that directly reaches those most in need. 

Historically, the marginalized and economically disadvantaged have been excluded from opportunities that would enable them to create prosperity. Beyond skills development, the issue of access remains a critical factor. Often, those lacking influential connections are the ones denied opportunities that could lead to transformative change.  This access gap accounts for many of the challenges faced by these communities.

Our approach involves intentionally fostering an inclusive environment through partnerships, networking, skills building, and access to economic and social opportunities. By uniting diverse individuals, we collectively generate new ideas, solutions, and alliances that influence initiatives and surpass the potential of what any of us could do on our own. 


Our goal is to ensure that marginalized people have a seat at the table and their voices heard, where they are empowered to break generational material poverty, violence, and restore their communities.

Cultivating growth through accessibility.

To address some of the chronic issues of exclusion, DreamRoot extends access to opportunities and programming to promote the objectives of empowerment and transformation through:

  • Building Training Centers located within the underserved communities, making the programming and connection physically accessible. 

  • Community-based programs are open to all, irrespective of factors like age, race, gender, religion, ability, or socio-economic status. 

  • Accommodations made for people with limitations to participate whenever possible. 

  • Programming is tailored to be subsidized, and in some cases free, based on individual needs and capabilities.


DreamRoot's commitment to accessibility is mirrored in our local leader training. We integrate online learning and conference calls, ensuring reach and accessibility.  Our aim is to break down barriers and foster an environment where participation knows no bounds.

By emphasizing accessibility, we enable individuals to grasp opportunities, enhance their skills, and contribute to their own and their communities' progress.

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Promoting gender equity.

Research has consistently shown that for a training and development programs to successfully take root for long-term impact, it must include women and girls into its beneficiaries


In sports and activities that historically favor males, DreamRoot local leaders are championing female participation and leadership.

We recently celebrated the Carol, the first female jiu-jitsu black belt in the Paulista community in Pernambuco. Carol is a coach and trains at the Arte Suave DreamRoot Training Center.  Additionally, women from this program opened a new women's only jiu jitsu initiative in a neighboring community that they are now leading. This is leader multiplication in action!

Impact Stories



Equity & Inclusion Impact

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