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Impact on Community Capacity-Building

Our focus is not simply on the construction of a building or program. It’s the establishment of safe spaces for vulnerable individuals in communities to enable them to heal, grow, and thrive into their own leadership calling.


Through the construction of training centers, establishment of educational and extracurricular programming, community service, and local leader and community member involvement communities are experiencing transformation from the grassroots level.  

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Communities and the surrounding neighborhoods where locally lead DreamRoot programming and training centers are located have experienced:

  • Reduction in violence and criminal activity

  • People leaving drug trafficking

  • Students set on a path to success by gaining healthy mentors and education help

  • Increase in high school and college graduation rates 

  • Young people are starting small businesses and providing needed services to their communities

  • Domestic violence survivors are getting counseling and healing

Community Programming

DreamRoot and locally led community programming have led to an increase in community member engagement and confidence, and casted vision that have set dreams in motion for the development of the community and well-being of its members.

A snapshot of the impact of these initiatives include: 

  • Gained employment through programs like work authorization and employment paper processing, aesthetician and construction vocational training, providing incubator office space for budding entrepreneurs. 

  • Sparked vision in youth through career counseling

  • Improved mental, physical and emotional health through nutrition and overcoming anxiety workshops, breast cancer screenings, and licensed therapy sessions. 

  • Reduced hunger and improved hygiene for homeless through food donations, free haircuts

Community Member Testimonial


“The training center is the heart of their community where members can connect and participate in activities. Our future plans include creating an after-school tutoring and educational program for children.”

- Mr. Nilson, Paulista community member

Training Centers

To date, DreamRoot has built two training centers in Brazil, renovated a third, and built a resource center for a school in Haiti, employing local community members and providing vocational training in the construction of all four projects.

Impact Highlights



Why Community

Check out why DreamRoot prioritizes community capacity-building as a core focus.

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