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Community Partner Program

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Expect More

Join us to become a community partner member and engage as a sustaining support of this important work. 


Together, we can make a difference. 

By investing as a community partner member, you are ensuring the continuation and expansion of local initiatives in Brazil, Haiti, the U.S. and beyond. 

When you invest in leaders and their initiatives you are sponsoring hundreds of other lives, as their teaching, mentoring, and outreach programs directly impacts and have a ripple effect on the lives of their students, community members and their families. 


Your donation will change hundreds of lives this year and in the years to come.

Ready to make a difference through corporate giving? Let us know how we can partner together with your philanthropic or CSR program.

Investor Benefits

In addition to the positive impact and development of others, once you join the Community Partner Program, you will have access to special perks. Here are a few:

  • Discounted access to events and training.

  • Connect with the local leaders and community members.

  • Access to the exclusive events.

You can even give community partner membership to a friend.

Start Funding
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Sponsor a local leadership training workshop
  • Help us expand needed training, coaching and network opportunities to more local leaders in need. 

  • Sponsor a local leader to attend an in-person training workshop.

  • Invest in bringing a workshop to a community.

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Support a local tutor for a year
  • Support a local tutor for a year for $800 ($67/month).

  • Tutoring and mentorship programs in Haiti and Brazil.

  • Supporting primary school students to excel in their education and advance their future.

Sponsor a community capacity-building event
  • Sponsor some of our many community events throughout the year for $2,500.

  • Community events include educational workshops, career fairs, summer camp and community and children’s day block parties.

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Build a DreamRoot Training Center
  • Contribute to building DreamRoot Training Center in Brazil totaling $85,000.

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