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Jit Jitsu Leader Network

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Beyond a local affiliation, the Jiu Jitsu Leader Network provides BJJ academy owners and instructors with an opportunity to connect with other leaders, gain support that will take their academy, BJJ, and personal leadership to higher levels while strengthening jiu jitsu projects in underserved communities around the world. 

The network is not an affiliation but a connection point for BJJ leaders. Through this network, we bring together a company of BJJ professionals, leading voices in the industry, academy owners, and leaders of jiu jitsu social initiatives. In addition to gaining a community of peers, mentors and coaches, the network provides resources and further training opportunities for those wanting to level up their personal leadership and industry knowledge while coupling this with opportunities to get involved and give back to those in need through our jiu jitsu community.  

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Network benefits

The Jiu Jitsu Leader Network is a community of BJJ leaders united to advance their jiu jitsu programs, develop their leadership on and off the mat, and expand the life-changing impact this sport has to offer. Together, we can achieve more than we could ever do on our own.


Our goal is to equip BJJ leaders, enabling them to have a positive impact through their academy and within their wider sphere of influence.


Network members gain access to monthly group teachings, our member newsletter with resources and tips, peer connection, access to events and coaching, and opportunities to serve our wider BJJ community.


Live monthly group calls from industry leaders designed to equip and guide BJJ leaders to navigate various situations they face.


Connection to a thriving community of BJJ leaders to learn from and grow together.


All-in-one private online platform, including training, forums, and custom profile creation and professional assessments. Receive resources and tips for further capacity building and strategic alignment.

Social Impact

Contribute to the broader BJJ community and expand life-changing impact for BJJ social initiatives.

Member Discount

Member-only discount to Jiu Jitsu Mentor offerings including individualized coaching, advising, courses and events.


Join the Jiu Jitsu Leader Network by becoming a sustaining member of DreamRoot for a minimum of $47* a month. Monthly donors help us to make training, coaching, seed investment, and networking accessible to local BJJ leaders in need. The development and expansion of these services will strengthen and empower current and emerging leaders to run life-changing programs with excellence in underserved communities around the world while multiplying leaders to continue the work.

*All donations are tax deductible.  


Who this is for

The Jiu Jitsu Leader Network is open to any BJJ academy owner, instructor, and their coaching teams.

This network is curated for those who are dedicated to building capacity in their own life and the lives of others. 

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