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Who We Are

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Our Mission

DreamRoot's mission is to release the potential of leaders in underserved communities to reverse the cycles of poverty and promote the well-being of every member of society.


We partner with emerging leaders from under-resourced communities around the world in a shared vision of creating positive social and economic change. Working together with dignity and as friends, we strive to reverse the cycles of poverty and promote well-being for every member of society. We believe that once a dream takes root anything is possible, and that a small local initiative can grow into a global solution.

Our Vision

To see every person, regardless of their life’s circumstances, be given the opportunity to realize and achieve their dreams; where they are living out their fullest potential and all of society advances as a result.

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DreamRoot Leadership Institute is dedicated to investing in leaders and changemakers who are committed to reversing cycles of poverty in underserved communities by equipping and empowering them to solve local challenges and raising up others to do the same.

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Our Story

DreamRoot Leadership Institute was established by Amy and Tony Passos to design outreach programs in leadership coaching using jiu jitsu as a tool. With the organization's roots dating back to 2008, the formal launch was in 2019. 

In 2008, Amy and Tony became involved in community services in Tony’s hometown, Recife, Brazil. During these community development initiatives they witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of community-based leadership, even in the most challenging of environments. Their mission was to connect with and strengthen local leaders running jiu jitsu programs, create community and facilitate opportunities for those who did not have access.


This eventually expanded to wider educational and training initiatives. By providing technical knowledge, operational advising, seed investment and on-going personal coaching and encouragement, these local leaders were able to develop and grow their operations to scale the transformative impact while avoiding the burnout that so many were experiencing.



Why We Exist

Human flourishing has been out of reach for many. Immense potential exists to achieve it. 

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