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Leadership Training & Coaching

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Sustainable social and economic change requires leaders who are active in both carrying out the vision and raising up others who are equipped to do the same.


DreamRoot equips community leaders, enabling them to drive meaningful change. Our training aims to empower these leaders with essential skills, emotional reserves, and effective habits. This, in turn, fosters healthy and prepared leaders who can run high-quality programs and cultivate a strong leadership team to advance the vision of individual and societal transformation.


Throughout the year, we offer group cohorts, workshops, and seminars that focus on four key leadership domains: self, group, community, and systems.


Our training topics cover a range of practical areas, including self-leadership, operational and leadership best practices, curriculum development, strategic planning, operational excellence, program facilitation, participant relations and strategies to build and empower a coaching team in ways that elevates the standard of excellence while reducing the operational burden on leaders.


A great tool for leadership development is one-on-one coaching. 


Often working alone, with limited resources, training and encouragement, local leaders in underserved communities muscle through to make a difference. Many local leaders we meet in these circumstances are fighting discouragement and waning motivation. Through coaching, we’ve seen leaders gain clarity of vision and guidance that creates a path to achieve their hopes and goals for their own lives and communities.


Coaching is not just a powerful tool for leaders to gain perspective and rethink not just their role as leaders but their teams and community potential. Oftentimes, a simple perspective shift through coaching allows the leader to see themselves, their challenges and community from a different angle. They discover how to better leverage their talents and giftings while engaging those around them. 


We work with individuals and teams to identify pain points to help determine the best path forward, exploring solutions, including team building tools and organizational best practices, paired with training and advising on operational systems and processes in place to run healthy and sustainable programs. 

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Consulting & Advising

Helping leaders navigate through the operational and relational complexities of running community initiatives.

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