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Jiu Jitsu Leader Investor's Circle

Support the leaders who are changing countless lives.

Help us expand needed training, coaching and network opportunities to more local jiu jitsu leaders in need so they can offer life changing and life saving programming for students in underserved communities. 

Sponsor a local leader of jiu jitsu social initiatives to access the Jiu Jitsu Leader Network and benefit from its many services.


For a minimum of $25 a monthyou can give access to jiu jitsu leaders to gain technical training, jiu jitsu leader network, coaching, seed investment and needed resources and support so they can stand strong in tough communities to bring jiu jitsu programming, mentorship, and other transformative programming to their students and community members.

When you invest in these leaders and their BJJ initiatives you are sponsoring hundreds of other lives, as their teaching, mentoring, and outreach programs directly impacts and has a ripple effect on the lives of their students, community members and their families.

Investor Benefits

In addition to the positive impact and development of others, once you join the Jiu Jitsu Leader Investor's Circle, you will have access to special perks. Here are a few:

  • Discounted access to events and training.

  • Connect with the local leaders and community members.

  • Access to the exclusive events. 

As you consider our invitation to change the lives of more people on a monthly basis, please feel free to email us directly at if you have any questions or feedback.

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