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Why We Exist

Preparing the next generation of society’s leaders to assume a greater role in community and institutional transformation

There is a gap between industry offerings and needs at the community level. Support like coaching, training, and even funding does not often trickle down and expand out to the ground level; consequently, keeping many isolated from opportunities, including education, access to markets, connection to networks, and even health and infrastructure that make up the basic components of a thriving life and society.

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Filling a Void

Many people around the world, due to the consequences of poverty and broken systems, have been unable to fulfill their dreams and contribute their talents to society. Being stunted and paralyzed by their current situations, their lives are a struggle just to survive. Consequently, their dreams become forgotten or buried. But when given the permission to dream again, coupled with training and a conducive environment, amazing things begin to happen. This is where DreamRoot comes in.

DreamRoot was born from the understanding that sustainable development and progress lay in the hearts and minds of individuals at the grassroot levels. When given the permission to dream again, coupled with training and a conductive environment, amazing things begin to happen. 

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Dignity-Based Development Solutions

At DreamRoot, our mission goes beyond traditional charity approaches. We believe in the power of partnering with communities and leaders to pave the way for long-term, sustainable success that breaks the cycles of poverty and ushers in lasting positive change. 


Our approach revolves around a dignity-based development process that strengthens skills, infrastructure, and networks within communities, enabling them to take the reins of their own journey. An individual who is empowered with a dream and equipped with the tools and support has immense power to transform their own lives and those around them.

DreamRoot’s collaboration with local leaders and investment in community initiatives carry an unparalleled opportunity. By expanding access to resources that promote personal development and economic growth we are preparing the next generation to assume a leading role in their communities and create institutional transformation.

DreamRoot provides a combination of training, coaching, resources and networking opportunities. We collaborate with leaders to launch initiatives that transform their communities in ways that lead to sustainable social and economic growth.

We Exist to



Champion the local leader of underserved communities. We empower them to succeed in raising up the next generation of leaders.

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Serve through leadership training, mentoring, and sponsorship to catalyze individual and community transformation.

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Collaborate with individuals, organizations, and companies around the world to collectively achieve a greater impact.

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Offer tools, resources and a support network for the development of high-capacity leaders.

DreamRoot’s leadership development model

DreamRoot helps community members solve many of their own challenges using a leadership development approach.

DreamRoot’s leadership development model involves identifying proven leaders and high-potential change makers within underserved communities and equipping them with the training, coaching, resources, and networks they need to launch local initiatives that will have a social and economic impact and will multiply leaders to sustain and expand the impact. 


An individual who is empowered with a dream and equipped with the tools and support has immense power to transform their own lives and those around them.



Our Team

We are committed to investing in leaders and changemakers in underserved communities, equipping and empowering them to solve local challenges and raising up others to do the same

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