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Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth

DreamRoot Training Centers serve as hubs for entrepreneurship, offering incubation, acceleration, and launch support.

Disrupting poverty through sustainable business models.

Work is important for dignity in development. And a market-based economy has been among the top tools in modern history proven to reduce global poverty. Allowing individuals to use their skills, talents and ability to contribute to the development and prosperity of their community; where they can provide for themselves and produce something good for society. 


Yet, entry barriers are higher for those in underprivileged and impoverished situations. Broken and unjust systems can prevent people from viable employment and livable wages. The repercussions of unemployment ripple into various social ills, such as substance abuse, domestic violence, and mental illness.  

Entrepreneurship provides a path for marginalized individuals to achieve financial stability, even within challenging environments. It has the ability to open doors to community development, economic stability and innovation. By providing needed, value-adding services and products individuals pioneer growth by contributing to their community, providing for themselves and their families, while also employing others through their work. 

Unleashing entrepreneurs for economic development

DreamRoot collaborates with local leaders to tailor programs to community needs. We structure operations for self-sustainability whenever possible.  This approach ensures the long-term growth and reach of their initiatives, while allocating resources for supporting additional local leaders and initiatives.

DreamRoot Training Centers double as entrepreneurial incubators, providing space for budding entrepreneurs to provide needed services to community members. These spaces allow individuals to operate in a way that allows them to think long term and use their energy to create value and innovate – restoring their ability to create prosperity for themselves and society.

This multiplier effect significantly amplifies transformation, benefiting both current and future generations.

DreamRoot local leaders have embraced entrepreneurship and sustainable economic growth through initiatives like
  • Launching a pizzeria that employs and provides job skills training to underprivileged youth while generating revenue that funds the jiu jitsu social initiative. 

  • Selling vitamins and supplements not readily accessible in their communities, in conjunction with nutritional education. 

  • Offering a fully functional office space within the training center to kickstart budding entrepreneurs at a subsidized rent. 

  • Opening a jiu jitsu academy in a neighboring town with paid memberships for those who can afford it to help sustain social initiative programming

Employment and earning a livable wage is more than a mere transaction; it's a wellspring of dignity. It empowers members of society to contribute their skills and ideas while securing sustainable income. This stability not only benefits them today but paves the pay for a brighter future for generations to come.

True human prosperity transcends material wealth, encompassing social, economic, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Entrepreneurship and economic development lead to: ​

Job creation
Social mobility
Deeper meaning of work

Impact Stories



Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth Impact

Explore more of DreamRoot’s impact and success stories in entrepreneurship and economic growth.

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