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Leader Network & Team Care

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Humans thrive in relationship with one another.

Strong peer and mentoring networks are vital for local leaders who are working in challenging circumstances, particularly those who are marginalized or economically disadvantaged. Supportive networks are necessary to address community issues effectively. 

DreamRoot facilitates networking events to foster collaborations and idea exchange among diverse communities, driving progress. We hold regular one-on-one team care calls and virtual group meetings where local leaders connect, learn, and encourage one another. These networks provide valuable feedback, sharing successes, challenges, best practices, and timely real-world insights to enhance progress and avoid pitfalls.


We aim to create a safe, inclusive space where local leaders' voices are valued and strengthened. We prioritize listening to each other's perspectives. This approach instills dignity in development, fortifies authentic transformative relationships, and enhances our development initiatives through ongoing feedback loops.

DreamRoot Networks Strengthen Development By

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Collaboration and knowledge sharing that facilitates innovation and accelerates progress. 


Resource Mobilization

Resource mobilization, including funding, expertise and technologies. 

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Access to new opportunities and potential partnerships 

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Advocacy and influence on critical development issues.


Networking in Action

Networking is a powerful tool to springboard knowledge sharing and learning, resource mobilization, and, not least of all, encouragement and a sense of belonging. It fosters a collective approach to resolving issues and leading to sustainable development and societal success.


Today, many of the local leaders regularly visit one another’s community to further connect, learn, and even facilitate workshops. By connecting with other social initiative leaders with similar experiences, they gain a heightened sense of hope and motivation, knowing they are not alone. These networks have built relationships, emboldened one another, strengthened their initiatives, and benefited their communities. 


DreamRoot hosts events throughout the year that facilitate meaningful events that facilitate meaningful connections between local leaders, community members, and international networks. One of these events is DreamRoot's annual U.S.-Brazil cross-cultural exchange trip alongside various community workshops.

Featured Successes



Seed Investment & Sponsorship

Catalyzing change at an increasingly greater scale through seed investment and sponsorships.

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