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Leadership Training Workshops in Brazil

Around the world, there are local leaders working continuously in tough situations, such as poverty and social fragility. Concerns like these hold back many people from reaching their true potential. It is critical that leaders in these communities are strengthened, in order to promote the well being of their members. Physical, as well as mental training, are needed for success. Training sessions like self-leadership, student relations, emotional intelligence exercises, and quality team-building activities, lead to favorable results.

The goal of training leaders is to use practical tools and strategies for running life-changing social initiatives.

To reduce the operational burden that individual leaders carry, Dreamroot elevates excellence and leadership programs that empower the team as a whole. This reduces the stress on local leaders. Another way stress is reduced is by providing leaders with a mental break. The importance of self-care for sustainable leadership is not only talked about, but practiced. After the workshop, local leaders are honored and provided a space to rest and recharge.

By providing all of these tools, members of groups can learn from one another while developing practical team-building skills in interactive ways. Perchance, they may open up with each other about their shared dreams and greater visions about the possibilities for their communities. These times of encouragement and learning from one another are beneficial in developing a strengthened team for not only themselves but to where they students can benefit too.

We are never done learning and developing ourselves; so by contributing to local leaders, we are not only helping them but, growing our perspectives on the world. Workshops like these have a tremendous impact on all who are involved; through its engagement and support to local leaders working in underserved communities. Workshops are tailored to the circumstances that DreamRoot local leaders work within and the unique physical, mental, and emotional challenges it brings. DreamRoot is committed to continuing to provide quality support to local leaders despite the challenges they may face.


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