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Local Leader Training Workshop

In October 2022, we facilitated another in-person leadership workshop in Brazil. The three-day event included 22 local leaders of educational social initiatives operating in over 13 underserved communities across four states in Brazil. The goal of trainings like this is to provide practical tools and strategies for running life-changing social initiatives with operational excellence and empowering a leadership team in a way that elevates the programs while reducing the operational burden the individual leaders carry.

This weekend was a time of encouragement and learning from one another while developing practical team building skills in interactive ways. Training sessions included topics like self-leadership, student relations, emotional intelligence for team building, and of course, doing fun team building activities together. The participants shared lessons learned with the group and began dreaming even higher about what is possible for their communities.

These leaders work continuously in tough situations and are having tremendous impact. This weekend was a time for us to honor them and provide a space for these amazing leaders to let their guard down so they can rest and recharge. Therefore, to top it off, we closed out day three with a poolside BBQ to before heading into the week. We did not just talk about the importance of self-care for sustainable leadership, but we practiced it!

DreamRoot is committed to continuing to provide quality support to these local leaders and we are never done learning and developing ourselves to do so. Shortly after the leadership weekend workshop, two members of our internal leadership attended a Team Care training with an organization in Recife.

The training covered how to engage and support local leaders working in underserved communities. It was tailored to the circumstances that DreamRoot local leaders work within and the unique physical, mental, and emotional challenges it brings. It was a reminder that this work of strengthening leaders in these communities to reserve the cycles of poverty and promote the well-being of its members is critical.

Watch the weekend's highlights HERE!


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