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Beyond Service: The Impactful Journey with Mr. Robson


DreamRoot's focus is to bring life-changing opportunities, funding, and access directly to those frequently overlooked on the ground in underserved located —a crucial step too often hindered from trickling down in traditional development efforts. 

During our cross-cultural trips to Brazil, we forge partnerships with locals, involving them in the creation of spectacular and authentic events that build lasting connections. We take relationship-building seriously, investing in individuals who embody character and competence, forming genuine connections that extend beyond the events. Let's delve into an example from our most recent trip.

Meet Mr. Robson, a retired military police officer who had the dream of putting his four children through school and venturing into entrepreneurship. Starting with leasing a van, he offered transportation services for group drives, chauffeur services, long-distance trips, and sightseeing. Introduced to us through a referral, we became some of Mr. Robson’s early clients. He left a strong impression with his professionalism, a meticulously maintained van, and the added assurance of his former officer background, bringing safety and order to our experiences. 

Something we have learned is that when you find someone great to work with - one who embodies character marked by honesty and humility, competence in their lane, and jives with your team, you invest in that relationship. It isn’t every day that you find that. It is precious and powerful. And we are to value and honor these people with everything we have.  


Recognizing the value of exceptional partnerships, we've invested in our relationship with Mr. Robson, and he has done the same with us. He's more than a service provider; he has become a team member and a friend. Over shared meals and co-creating the events through recommendations, and assistance with trip arrangements, Mr. Robson has enhanced each camp experience, making it smooth, enjoyable, and, above all, life changing.  

Building relationships and having lasting positive transformation is about focusing on the person right in front of you - truly seeing and honoring them for who they are. Rather than a one-way street in traditional development or charity, it’s a reciprocal, genuine partnership of doing life together.  

Year after year, we've continued to contract Roberson.  His work ethic and commitment to quality service has led to remarkable business growth, empowering him to pay off his van and undertake significant upgrades.  Recognizing the practical need for extra space, especially after a year of transporting 14 Americans with extra suitcases filled with jiu jitsu uniform donations, Mr. Robson’s initial upgrade involved swapping out and reconfiguring the van seats to provide more room for luggage. 

This year, he sold his original van to purchase a larger, upgraded one with luxury seats and even more space—a testament to his growth and success. Moreover, he sold his original van and paved the way for another budding entrepreneur to enter the private group driving business. 

Mr. Robson’s story is just one of many illustrating how seemingly small connections and events can be life-changing. This is a testimony of multiple lives touched and transformed – beyond just Mr. Robson, to include us, the camp participants, community members and the opportunity for a new entrepreneur to come on the scene.  t’s a testimony of various visions aligning and the commitment to see them through, creating something far bigger and more and impactful than any of us could have imagined from the outset or achieved alone.  


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