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Jiu Jitsu Leadership Cohort Launch

We are excited to announce that DreamRoot Leadership Institute has partnered with Jiu Jitsu Mentor to offer Jiu Jitsu Leadership Cohorts for instructors, coaches and academy owners of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs.

The programs provide a solid foundation to facilitate jiu jitsu classes and effectively lead on and off the mat. The goal of the cohort is to equip and empower others to fulfill their leadership calling and to make a positive impact on their own lives and the lives of others.

Many DreamRoot local leaders run jiu jitsu social initiatives in underserved communities. They have been participating in our cohort for lead jiu jitsu instructors and academy owners which focuses on program development and implementation, academy operations, team leadership, and their own personal development. The cohort has been successful in strengthening and expanding existing jiu jitsu social initiatives and launching new programs in underserved communities in Brazil. These programs have led to:

  • The reduction of violence, gang participation, and drug trafficking.

  • Mobilizing students to help those in need within their community.

  • A rise in hope and vision among members that has contributed to students completing college, starting businesses, leaving abusive situations, and participating in therapy to heal trauma.

DreamRoot local leaders have expressed their need for an additional training program offered to assistant coaches and emerging leaders. Learning how to effectively implement a jiu jitsu program and then train and empower others to do so are complementary but different skill sets. We are working with the leaders to build their competency in both areas.

For social initiatives, like the jiu jitsu programs we support, to impact more lives and transform communities, they must be sustainable for the long-term and scalable. Therefore, it is imperative that others are engaged and equipped to come alongside and help carry the load, grow in their own leadership, and propel the vision forward.

DreamRoot’s Jiu Jitsu Leadership Cohort for Assistant Coaches takes an intentional approach to identifying and equipping emerging leaders to serve in the innate leadership role of a coach within established jiu jitsu programs. Further, this program equips lead instructors and academy owners with the tools to train and multiply other leaders in their community.

This month, we have launched the beta cohort at the Team Passos academy in Sterling, Virginia. As a beta, we have developed the program and are currently implementing it for the first time with a local audience to refine it. Over the next four months, 29 participants will receive tailored instruction and hands-on experience from a team of world-class Jiu Jitsu Instructors in how to run solid classes as an Assistant Coach while developing their own leadership voice.

The feedback received from the participants of this first implementation, combined with the input from local DreamRoot leaders of social initiatives, will provide us valuable insights to ensure the program fulfills its objectives of raising leaders to effect change. We intend to offer this cohort training and support to those running jiu jitsu social initiatives in challenging communities around the world.

The power of a group activity like jiu jitsu is that it is a highly effective platform to positively transform lives. It brings together a diverse group of people to meet regularly throughout the week over a shared activity that requires teamwork, discipline, challenging oneself to learn, overcome challenges, and grow. This environment forms a special bond of solidarity and a culture of inclusiveness that organically establishes a support network of friends and mentors who become a lifeline during hard times and is a community to celebrate milestones together and encourage each other's growth.

Connection and engagement with a supportive community has been shown to be the primary requirement for people to heal emotionally and grow and mature. Without such a group, healing and growth is stunted and can stall altogether. In the communities we work in where hunger, violence and instability are the norm, initiatives like this are even more critical.

For those serving in the innate leadership position of assistant coach in these programs, it offers a safe environment to learn and grow new skills. Under the guidance of a lead instructor, the emerging leader gains a mentor who is intentional to help them grow, willing to share their knowledge and provide room for the participant to put into practice what they are learning. During their practicums where they assist in classes, they gain hands-on experience and insight that helps them progress in their leadership journey and develop technical knowledge and ability.

This cohort is a launching pad for emerging leaders to positively impact the lives of others, continue in their own personal development, and multiply other leaders. This cohort is not about us accumulating more information. What we are seeking is transformation in the way we act in our families, workplaces, schools, and communities; where we further become the leader each of us is called to be. We measure transformation less on "doing" and rather on our perspective and thought processes, which then affect our decisions, actions, and behaviors.

We are excited to see how the cohort will progress and lead to the transformation in the lives of the participants and impact those around them.


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