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Training Centers

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Inclusive Development Through
Community-Based Centers 

Our role is to create safe and inclusive spaces where people can connect, heal and grow, propelling them into their leadership calling for the benefit of all of society.  DreamRoot Training Centers serve as physical spaces directly within local communities offering accessible programs.


These empowerment hubs play a pivotal role in equipping emerging leaders, driving community initiatives, and cultivating healthy growth. Intentionally located in areas impacted by violence, abuse, poverty, and drugs, these centers provide safe havens for exploration, learning and discovery. It is here that co-dreaming, collaboration and development of a vibrant present and future thrive.

The centers offer skills-based programming, combining leadership training and community services to nurture emerging leaders and uplift communities. 

Training center programs include:

  • Education and extracurricular programming

  • Vocational training and career fairs

  • Worker's rights advocacy

  • Business accelerators

  • Public health and well-being workshops

  • Psychiatry services for abuse survivors


To date, DreamRoot has built two training centers in Brazil, renovated a third, and built a resource center for a school in Haiti, employing local community members and providing vocational training in the construction of all four projects.

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Holistic Development

DreamRoot Training Centers go beyond mere buildings; they're a key to our mission and act as incubators, accelerators, and launch pads; they identify and equip leaders who engage in social initiatives. Through these initiatives, students and community members gain confidence, life skills, and a brighter vision, contributing to healthier, thriving communities with reduced crime rates.


Entrepreneurship &
Economic Growth

The centers also serve as small business incubators, offering office spaces at subsidized rates to local entrepreneurs. This not only provides valuable services within the community but also ensures the sustainability of the center and its programs.


Youth & Education

DreamRoot prioritizes youth and education by tackling barriers, partnering with local leaders to launch educational initiatives. Our focus includes advancing access, providing vocational training, empowering youth, and enhancing learning through tutoring and extra-curricular programs.



Through local-led workshops, training programs, and community events offered throughout the year, plus national and international networking and seed investment, community members are empowered to lead their own development.


Equity & Inclusivity

Our inclusive approach prioritizes accessible programming, empowering youth, fostering community engagement, and promoting the thriving of women, girls, ethnic minorities, and individuals with physical and mental limitations across diverse backgrounds.


Join the Community Partner Program

By joining, you're not just becoming a member; you're investing in the growth of emerging leaders, supporting community capacity-building events, and contributing to the establishment of new training centers.

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