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Budding Entrepreneurs

DreamRoot training centers are incubators and launching pads for individuals within the local community to exercise their gifts and pursue their dreams while giving back to the community.

By offering subsidized office rent to emerging leaders and entrepreneurs at DreamRoot training centers, important services are made available to the local community that would otherwise not be accessible, local entrepreneurs are provided an affordable space, and simultaneously generates rent to help cover training center operational costs.

Entrepreneur highlight: Regina

Regina is a student at the Arte Suave DreamRoot Training Center and recent college graduate with a degree in nutrition. She has now launched her nutrition business at the Arte Suave DreamRoot Training Center, utilizing our office space to help fellow students and community members adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

We are thrilled to see Regina exercising her passion for nutrition and giving back to the community by working one-on-one with locals.

Jessika also rents the office space at the training center for her physical therapy business. She is a recent graduate and is passionate about helping others to become healthy and strong.

The multiplication of local leadership is in full swing and resulting in a greater community impact!

Sustainable Social Initiatives

Further, DreamRoot local leaders have embraced entrepreneurship as a driver of sustainable development and to help cover operating costs for their programs and training centers. They have been busy implementing revenue-generating projects and partnerships to further their social initiatives, including:

• Launching a pizzeria that employs and provides job skills training to underprivileged youth while generating revenue that funds the jiu jitsu social initiative.

• Selling vitamins and supplements not readily accessible in their communities, in conjunction with nutritional education.

• Offering a fully functional office space within the training center to kickstart budding entrepreneurs at a subsidized rent.

• Opening a jiu jitsu academy in a neighboring town with paid memberships for those who can afford it to help sustain social initiative programming

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