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Empowering Communities: Highlights from Our Brazil Tour

We concluded another successful training, networking, and community site visit tour in northeast Brazil. The journey was nothing short of transformative as we spent time with local leaders and community members, immersing ourselves in their social initiatives, and facilitating a line-up of leadership training events.

Here are a few key moments of the trip:

Leadership Workshop and Networking Event – Recife, Brazil

A standout moment of the trip was the leadership workshop in Recife which brought together 43 remarkable local leaders. These individuals and their teams are the driving force behind life-changing social initiatives spanning over 10 communities, impacting well over 600 students and community members.

Amidst shared laughter, collaborative learning, and heartfelt connections over games and meals, the workshop served as a catalyst for collective dreaming and empowerment. Plus, many local leaders even joined in on some jiu Jitsu training at the Arte Suave DreamRoot Training Center, further fostering camaraderie and resilience.

We will continue the conversations and connections with follow-on programming through our online platform, virtual monthly meetings, and one-on-one coaching calls.

During the workshop, we dug into the topics of conflict resolution, values mining, and team building, which set the local leaders up for even further success and impact not just in the initiatives they lead but their families and every other area of their life. They each shared how they were eager to take the things they learned back to their communities and students. This is what having generational impact looks like.

Each participant shared how this was such a fun, inspiring and life-giving time together.


Arcoverde Site Visit and Leadership Training

Our visit to the i35 Institute in Pernambuco, Brazil left us inspired by the transformative work they are doing in their community!

Thanks to DreamRoot investors, we were able to help complete the construction of their educational center last year. Through the center, the leadership team provides vital social work and intervention for abuse cases, along with after-school tutoring, and English classes, just to name a few. They have truly created a safe and enriching environment for children, parents, and all community members.

To think that this all started with a dream from a local leader, and it is now thriving with a full leadership team and children from across three neighborhoods. This is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s a beacon of hope and a catalyst for generational change.

Additionally, during the visit we facilitated a workshop where we introduced powerful tools to help the team members dream with greater clarity in various areas of their lives. We then explored strategies for casting vision and achieving personal and team goals.

It was truly an honor to have the opportunity to meet with the i35 Institute team once again.

Sertão DreamRoot Training Center Visit and BJJ Seminar

We also had the pleasure of visiting the Sertão DreamRoot Training Center in Alagoas, where we connected with the leaders and students, and led a jiu-jitsu workshop. The local leaders are truly making a difference at the center!

We are looking forward to this next season ahead of us. Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us to make this impact possible. Here’s to the transformation we’ll continue to create together!


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